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In 1986, was established(Originally was Horng Woei Co., Ltd).We focused on producing remote control products such as radio frequency transmitter, transmitter switch, duplicable transmitter, security Alarm…etc.

In 1997, we founded the R&D department of RFID and devoted in developing related RFID products, including LF proximity reader, reader module, clamshell Card, ISO card, gaphic Card, HF/LF coil, and token.

In 2005, Astag established electronic benchmarking and automatic production line, RF Inlay, HF/UHF inlay, label, UHF label, E-label, smart seal, anti-tamper label, library label, and windshield label,etc.

In 2008, Astag released security reader, pallet tag, laundry tag, wood tag, semi-active card, RFID token, and animal tag to keep up with global logistics and information management.

In 2010, Astag developed active reader/tag, metal tag, RFID wristband, combo card, epoxy card, and long range label to provide a solution for personnel and property management problems.

In 2012, Astag developed NFC module/reader/label/tag to react to the flourishing communication industry and the popularity of mobile phones.

In 2014, Astag devoted in researching and developing innovative new products such as NFC USB, bluetooth and multi-function RFID tag.

In 2015, Astag is developing RFID UHF Reader, UHF module and UHF set.

In 2016, Astag is developing mini RFID UHF Tag.

Today, we continue to pioneer the latest RFID technology, and follow the movement of technology. Our latest innovations in RFID have led us work with some of the most forward thinking and high-profile events in the industry, and allow us to create a splendid future with our customers.